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What I Offer


Seminars and Workshops

I offer various seminars and workshops throughout the year. My workshops are a way for individuals to learn in a more interactive setting by working closely and sharing ideas with others in the workshop under my guidance. You would have a main role in designing the best outcome for you needs. You will decide from the various meal and snack preparation methods which will work for you and your lifestyle. I am there to guide you in making those decisions.


At the end of the workshop, you walk away with a completed customized plan for your meals and/or snacks, depending on the workshop you are attending.


These workshops always turn out to be fun events with a great sharing of knowledge.


Below is the current list of seminars and workshops I offer:

  • "7 - In - 70" - How to make 7 healthy meals in 70 minutes.

  • "10 Minute Meals"

  • "Easy Ways to Sneak in Healthy"

  • "Meals in a Breeze Through Simple Techniques"

  • "Meals in a Jar"

  • "Use The Heck Out Of Your Crockpot"

  • "Green Smoothies"

  • "Organizing Your Kitchen For Success"



Webinars are very effective for those of you who prefer online training.


You can learn my methods from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you happen to be at the time of the webinar. I have watched webinars on my cell phone in a parking lot. The portability factor that webinars offer make's it very schedule accommodating.



If you are not feeling a group environment and want a more personalized experience, which addresses your needs only, then  individual coaching sessions would be a good fit for you.


We will explore what you feel your needs are. What's wanted, what's working, what’s not working, and what's needed to get you where you want to be. Ultimately, getting you to a point in which you are equipped with several individually tailored basic recipes, meal preparation and meal planning methods that will help you achieve your goal of getting your meals on the table quickly. All based on what suits your lifestyle and current needs. In the end giving you more time for family, friends and other interests.



What Should You Do Now?



You have two choices of course (smile) go to my "Blog" page and sign up for my upcoming blog. Or you can go to my "Contact Me" page  and let me know if you are interested in a workshop or private or group coaching.

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